Thursday, 29 March 2012

Marriage musings...

Chris and I are currently in a small group that is studying Love & War by John & Staci Eldridge. We are LOVING it. We meet once a week. First we watch a video that recaps the chapter, and then they have a few couples just sit around and discuss the chapter and how it resonates in their own marriage. After the video we have time to do the same thing with the 5 other couples in the group. SO great and life-giving.

A couple weeks ago, the chapter was discussing how to get through the "storms" when they come (not if they come, when they come) Oddly, the part that really stuck out to me was in the first 2 minutes of the video. A couple was sitting on a couch discussing how they dealt with the wife's diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The woman said "He really pursued my heart in that time" She mentioned how he would send her messages during the day telling her how beautiful she was in a time when she felt so unattractive and helpless.

"He pursued my heart"

This has echoed in my mind daily- sometimes hourly, ever since. I think about how we, as followers of Jesus, approach our relationship with God. We seek after God, and He seeks after us. Constantly. No matter what. God is always seeking my heart, and I am always seeking His. When I am as happy as I've ever been, and when I am feeling sad or depressed. God pursues me. I pursue him. Not because I think He is not there, but because I want more of Him. I recognize I can never have enough.

So then it makes me think of marriage and how Chris and I approach it. We do our best to model it after Jesus and His bride the church. Same thing here. Jesus is always pursuing the church, and the church is always pursuing Jesus.

What I wonder, is if in a marriage, a couple could find themselves in a place where they think that they have already won the prize of their spouses heart, and no longer need to pursue it. Not a crazy idea- I mean we're married. Obviously, I have made vows that have certain implications about where my heart lies, and how long that will last... so it's not something my husband should necessarily worry about (Ok, let's be clear- he doesn't need to worry about this!) But just like in our relationship with God, I want to want more of my husband's heart. Everyday I want more. Everyday I want to pursue that, so he knows I want more. Yes, I know I have his heart, but I also know that his heart grows and changes daily. I want to pursue that with all I have.

A few nights ago I had my feet on Chris's lap as I stretched out on the couch. He rubbed them softly, and again I heard this echo "He pursued my heart"

 What does that look like to you, to have your heart pursued?

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