Tuesday, 1 May 2012

So... I have a secret

I hate working out. I pretty much just refuse to do it. I will happily watch what I eat, and limit junk food. Anything that has to do with my caloric intake - no problem, I've got that figured out. I can muster up the will power when needed. My problem is burning those calories.

I have never enjoyed physical exercise. I don't like to play sports, I hate running. I've had a few gym memberships in my days, but each time I attempt to start a new habit, it lasts less than a month. Going to the gym just makes no sense to me - spending all that time getting there, finding a parking spot, going to the change room, finding a locker, changing.... just to do something I hate. And then having to shower, change back, leave and drive home? It's such a long arduous process that gives me no pay off. I know other people enjoy the gym, or enjoy going for a run, but I never have. Sure, I might feel proud of myself for getting out there and being healthy, but obviously the feeling isn't strong enough to make me stick to it.

So here's the problem. Chris and I have been making some lifestyle changes when it comes to what we eat. We've cut out almost all processed foods, and are eating mostly organic. We're doing our best to put the healthiest things in our bodies in the hopes that we'll stay healthy and happy for a long long time. The problem with this is that we're really only doing this half-assed (excuse my french!) if we don't follow it up with the full body health that comes from exercise.

Enter.... Jillian Michaels. Compromise. Work out video - we can do it at home, which means no travel time, and no waiting in line to get on the elliptical machine at the gym. It seemed like the perfect answer to all our woes... until I woke up this morning after doing Day 1 of her 30 Day Shred last night and realized I can hardly move my arms and legs.

Ow, Jillian Michaels. OW. I almost fell down the stairs because of you. Why can't I use my legs?? Why is it that going down the stairs hurts more than going up? Why are there 18 very steep stairs at my office that I have to go up and down over and over today to get all the laundry downstairs done???

Would anyone laugh at me if I used the service elevator?

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