Monday, 11 June 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary, Husband!

Caution: If you are repelled by sickly sweet, mushy, lovey dovey couples, this post is not for you! If you read on anyways, because really, how many people would just stop reading? You cannot claim you weren't warned when you are gagging in mere moments...

Dearest Husband,

Well Babe-a-licious, we've made it a whole year.

Last year, at this very moment in time I was walking down the aisle to you. Any nervousness I had completely melted away, along with everything else in the room. I'm sure other people were present - I've seen the pictures- but in that moment I didn't notice a single person in the room other than you.

That day was a whirlwind, and I could say the same about this entire year. I won't though, because as fast as time seems to go sometimes, the Lord is so faithful in slowing us down when it matters.

We've learned what true romance looks like for us. We've settled into life together, and learned so much about one another. We've found that we are both the weirdest people we've ever met; that car dancing, fake voices, and sound effects make life more fun. You've discovered that as upset or grumpy as I am, you can still "pump up" a smile by flapping my arms up and down in the air. I've realized that rubbing your neck or scalp turns you into a pile of lovey goo.

We've discovered just how much we love to make and eat good food together, and that (just between us) we are both total rockstars in the kitchen. I've also discovered that when I cook when you're not around, somehow the kitchen is twice as messy. We've discovered the blessing of having separate bathrooms.... and how embarrassingly mine is usually the dirtier of the two. (In my defense his bathroom is the main bathroom that is used by guests. Of course it's cleaner!!) So I guess the biggest lesson of the year was that I, the self professed neat freak, am not the cleanest one in the house all the time. Huh. Pleasant surprise!

Jesus Milkshakes and late night snack runs make my life- as do bookstore dates and walks down Whyte Ave. These are the moments that slow down life for me. I can pause and feel heaven right here, right now surrounding us. Each time you rub my feet (and let me tell you people, I am a lucky lady, and it is often) my heart swells. Not because the foot rub is that good (although it is that good) but because I know you are doing it with intentions of pursuing my heart. You are seeking after my heart each day, doing your best to bring me joy. I know it. I see it. I love you so much for it. My only hope is that you feel the same way at least half the time.

Sweetheart, I could write so much more, but I'll save the rest for in person. I feel blessed to have had this year with you, and can't wait to see what the next year has for us.

Sugar Dumplins

This post was a brief hiatus from my new series Confessions of a Newlywed. I hope you'll track along with me, as well as some guest posts as we explore the topic of marriage.

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