Friday, 2 May 2014

"Is He A Good Baby?"

I can't count how many people have asked me this question. Young and old alike, it seems they all want to know:

"Is he a good baby?"

Oh dear friend. There are so many things I want to say when you ask this...

Is he a good baby? Well, he is a good and perfect gift from above, if that is what you are asking. He is perfect in his parent's, and more importantly in his Creator's eyes. We could not imagine hoping for or wishing for anything to be different about him. Is he good? Oh yes friends. He is good. Could you really picture me, his mother, answering any other way??

I know... I know... The question is largely asking about how well he is sleeping, or if he cries often. But friends, let me be clear. How "good" my baby is is most certainly not determined by how many hours he sleeps (or does not sleep) at night. How good he is cannot be measured by how well he uses his lungs when he needs something.

Is my baby good? Oh yes. He is good.

Does he always sleep well? No. There have been nights where I am up every couple hours with him. There are also many nights where he only wakes once before morning. There have been evenings where he cries and cries until I cry and cry wondering how to soothe him when he has a full belly and a dry diaper. And there have been evenings where he snoozes for 3+ hours straight while Chris and I enjoy watching a movie before his last feed of the night

There are evenings and nights that are hard, but let me assure you that even if they were the majority, they still would not have me question how good my son is. I would still whisper in his ear while he cries assuring him he can cry all night if he wants to, and Mommy will still be here. It's ok though friend, I know that you don't mean to offend, which is why I will continue to answer your question with an enthusiastic "He's perfect."

He really is...

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  1. He IS perfect, and those pictures are fabulous, and this post is great! :)

  2. He is so beautiful! Congratulations!!!