Thursday, 19 May 2016

21 Weeks Pregnant

No fancy picture? I know, I know, but if you want to wait for the picture it will be another week before I post. 

How Far Along? 21 Weeks, 2 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Aside from our entire week in L.A, nope! Sadly baby didn't seem to enjoy the trip as much as we did. So much uneaten Mexican food... :( It didn't hinder our trip too much- just lots of extra naps, and I was good to go! It really was the weirdest thing though.  I felt completely fine once we were home. 7 days of sick, and then totally normal. What a picky baby. 

Food Cravings? Hmm, nothing too weird lately. I still sometimes crave spicy food but have learned my limits with it. Heartburn is still sticking around and bothersome at times. 

Mood? Great! Now that Chris has graduated and I am done the course I was in for the last 6 months, life seems easy breezy. Not to mention all the outdoor time these days seriously pumps up my mood. I LOVE getting outside with the dayhome kiddos as much as possible. Park every morning and backyard play multiple times a day. As long as we aren't eating, or it isn't quiet time, we're outside in the sunshine!

Symptoms? Heartburn from time to time. Not a huge deal though. 
Sadly, in the last couple days I have realized that my old friend SPD from my last pregnancy has come to stay again. I'm so disappointed and slightly nervous of how to get through the second half of pregnancy (while running a dayhome!) with it. SPD (Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction) is a painful condition where the relaxin hormone released in pregnancy zeroes in on one area in particular- your pubic bone. The hormone is meant to loosen your pelvis in preparation of delivery, but in my case it works overtime, softening the cartilage and ligaments so much so that the bones can move independently of each other with every movement. 
In some cases it feels like they are grinding together. There is discomfort with pretty much every movement, but some create more pain than others- walking up stairs, picking up Elliott (carrying Elliott up the stairs. Ouch ouch!)  pushing the double stroller to the park, lifting one leg higher than the other to walk over a baby gate, or even to put on socks... Or pants for that matter. I have started taking Lecithin which helped quite a bit last time, and plan on seeing my chiro as well. Prayers would be appreciated! 

Sleep? Not too bad. My biggest complaint right now is my allergies keeping me awake! Things will get a lot better once we get air conditioning (Giant perk to having a husband that installs them for a living over the summer!) and we don't keep the windows open throughout the night. 

Movement? Oh yes- tons of kicks and jabs. I can often see my belly move from the outside now, which is really fun. Chris finally felt a kick last night, which is just the best :)

Best moment of the week? Chris feeling the first kick was definitely a favourite moment. I just loved seeing his excitement at finally feeling it.

Looking forward to? It's the long weekend this weekend, and Chris' 30th birthday is on Sunday. I have a couple 
 things planned which I think will be really fun!

Belly Button in or out? In (obviously)

Nursery Progress? No change. Still an office with a deep freezer in there

Baby Loot: When we were in L.A we went to Target. Oh, how I miss Target!! They always had the best baby clothes. I was so excited to find some newborn onesies and sleepers that are gender neutral- a much harder task than you might expect! 

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