Sunday, 16 October 2011

26 in 26

Ok. I have a confession. This idea is completely stolen. (Sorry Sarah!)

What's the old saying? Imitation is the purest form of flattery? Something like that. Either way, I'm doing it.

I turned 26 a couple days ago, and I have decided to make a list of 26 things I would like to do in the next year. Some are brand new, some are things I've been talking about forever, and just need a reason to do them, and some are things I've done many times, but now that I'm married, and madly in love, I sometimes just daydream about romantic picnics and skating with hot cocoa.

So, without further adieu, in no particular order:

1. Make Foccacia bread  Done!

2. Go Snowshoeing with my love (There's a story here...) Sadly it looks like this won't happen- if there is any snow before my birthday, I doubt it will be enough *knock on wood*

3. Make homemade salsa (The homemade is kinda implied, huh?)

4. Grow my own herbs Done! Worked great in a planter on the deck!

5. Draw. Anything. (Something I used to really enjoy and constantly swear I'll start up again)

6. Create a Numbers spreadsheet for our budget (Get out of the paper & pen dark ages)

7. Go skating at the rink near our house - Again... very sad, but I missed the boat on this one :(

8. Get new tattoo  Done!!

9. Perfect my lasagna (Always too dry or too soupy!)  Done!

10. Paint our entire home (ALL rooms!)

11. Make Turducken. You heard me.  Done!!

12. Jump off 30 ft diving board at Kinsmen Swimming Pool  Attempted!!!

13. Make homemade granola bars (stop buying granola bars)

14. Make a Gardening log book (re: get better at gardening)

15. Make a photo book with all our wedding pictures

16. Make beef jerky Done!

17. Make an entire turkey dinner

18. Make the outline for my book. (Yes, I want to write a book. That's a whole other blog post) Done! I even wrote the prolouge!!

19. Begin getting up earlier (Currently: 7:45. Goal: 7:00)

20. Go to a driving range and a hit a golf ball (for the first time)

21. Donate blood again (re: stop getting tattoos every 6 months)

22. Go on an actual picnic in a park Done!!

23. Go horseback riding (It's been SO long!)  Done!

24. Make a piece of pottery  Rent a tandem bike with my hubby! (I originally thought this wasn't possible, but turns out it is! We'll just have to go to Calgary for it!)

25. Knit a scarf (or something equally easy)

26. Make goat cheese from scratch

So the deal is that when I cross something off my list, I blog about it. Dealio?

Stay tuned!!


  1. #6: Have you ever watched TLC's "Till Debt Do Us Part"? The host, Gail Vaz Oxlade, has a great book called "Debt Free Forever" that has great budgeting outlines and templates. It's excellent for visually being able to see where your money is going each month~

    #15: Are you scrapbooking it, or did you want something put together digitally? We made individually customized wedding albums for our parents from and they turned out really beautiful if you go the digital creation route.

    #20: It's surprisingly fun! :D

    #26: Where are you going to get the goat? *Ba dum CHING*

    You have so many tasty cooking goals, Melissa, it makes me ashamed of my usual meals that consist of things like frozen pizza and Hamburger Helper. *Sweatdrop* We do cook up the occasional chicken and pork too, I swear! >_<;

  2. #6: Cool! Maybe I'll check it out for templates and such. I think I have the budgeting portion down, it's the spreadsheet I need to make. Currently I write down every single budget-y thing we do, and I feel like it would be more streamlined and organized if it was in a nice neat spreadsheet.

    #15: We're doing it digitally- I got a Groupon to Picaboo a while back. It's just matter of sitting down and doing it

    #20: I can't believe I've never done this, ha ha. I can imagine it will be fun :)

    #26: Hmmmm. Oversight?

    And I just love to cook! A lot!!

  3. Yay! This is a great list! I'd love to see the recipes you follow.

    17. I just made our thanksgiving meal completely gluten, wheat, egg and dairy free! If you want any recipes on how to make a gluten free turkey dinner for your niece, I can help. :o)

    25. Oh my addiction at this time of year, along with sea salt caramel corn..but I digress. is a great source for patterns and Urban Knitters off of Whyte Ave has some drool worthy yarns. Plus, Valerie is a great help when tackling projects.

    And, because I missed it, Happy Belated birthday!!!

  4. Cool, thanks Sarah! Did you just get rid of the stuffing altogether, or did you make a gluten free one? My sister has made a rice mix in place of it before which isn't bad, but it sure isn't the same!

    I haven't knit (knitted?) anything since I was a pre-teen, so I'm excited to get into it again. I'll definitely check out and Urban Knitters- thanks!

  5. 6 & 13 are my specialties! I can totally hook you up with my budget spreadsheet! It's been perfected over the last year. It's excel, but someone told me it can be converted to Numbers. I started making granola bars last month. The are perfect!

  6. Sweet, thanks Anne. I'm going to try really hard to create the spreadsheet myself, but if I have trouble, I know who to ask!