Friday, 28 October 2011

So it turns out that other people are not me


So, what you're saying is that every person is their own person and has their own thoughts and reacts differently to different situations?


I'm not sure why this is new information, really.

So, sometimes I make this mistake where I assume that other people react to situations the same way I would. I don't do it on purpose- usually it's without me even realizing it. I honestly don't give much thought to how they would react, because I know how I would react. Sometimes this causes me to over obsess about something I have said, becuase looking back I found it to be a bit rude, and then I inflate the whole thing to how upset so-and-so must be because I was so rude to them.

This is neither fun nor productive, and usually ends in me apologizing to someone who sits there with their polite "I have no idea what you're talking about" face on.

I would pick this outcome over the latter if given a choice. The latter sucks even more because it involves me being completely oblivious to another person's feelings simply because I assume they would not be hurt/annoyed/mad at me for ___.

So now that I'm more aware of this, I won't do it anymore, right?     

Well, probably not, but I'm going to try really hard.

Another plus in this new revelation is that if I know that sometimes I hurt other people's feelings with not only no intention to do so, but no realization that I did it, than that apology I've been waiting for? Well it's probably not coming, but that's ok because Sally has no idea that I am hurt/sad/angry at what she said/did.

Am I making any sense?

Bottom line- I am very grateful for the grace that is extended to me on a daily basis from friends and family (Because I really do stick my foot in my mouth sometimes!) but more so, I am feeling a lot more forgiving as well.

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