Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Actually, no. I'm not bonkers happy all the time.

I got home today to find my husband peeling potatoes for my dinner. MY dinner. Like... he wasn't staying for dinner because he had a school thing to be at, but took it upon himself to peel me some potatoes. Oh, and he also preheated the oven for the chicken.

I hit the jackpot big time, amiright?

Today, I'm really happy.   Actually, the happy train really only started when I walked in the door.

Before that I was somewhat.... apathetic. Not happy, not sad. Just.. you know. I was at work. I have a great job, but it's nothing that makes me grin from ear to ear all day long.

Have you ever thought about how Facebook statuses allow us to shape how people see us? We live in this social media driven world where we are narcissistic enough to believe that people actually care what we are thinking each day. And so we tell them. Some a little more than others

"____ is going to do laundry today".... "____ is doing laundry and I think I might make some more coffee".... "Wow that coffee helped!".... "____ is thinking of what to make for dinner".... "_____ decided to make...."

C'mon, we all know at least one.

For the most part I don't think that people abuse their statuses too much. At least not people on my friends list (Or maybe they just don't last very long on my friends list if they do...?) My point here is what we post and essentially what type of identity or disposition we are putting out there.

Sometimes people are really honest. Sometimes I read a person's statuses and almost get annoyed by how whiny they sound. They seem to think the world is out to get them. They can only see the bad spin on everything. Yeesh, they must be miserable all the time...

You know what isn't fair though? Me judging how they act and think all the time based on what they choose to share with Facebookland.

I often post a status when I am really happy. I think I just love to share my joy.

Less than a week ago I got home from work and was in the worst mood ever. No real reason, but apparently I didn't need one. You know what I did need? To act like a bit of a jerk to my husband and then feel bad about it and cry my face off.

Ok, so here's my point.    Yes, I have one. I think.

I rarely share an unhappy status on Facebook. It doesn't mean I'm never unhappy, it just means that when I am unhappy I don't care to share it with everyone. Is that because I want people to think I'm always happy? No, I don't think so- otherwise I probably wouldn't have shared about the crying just now...

I wonder if people ever look at my statuses and think "Geez that girl is pooping rainbows everyday. Does she live in some kind of purple skied marshmallow-y La La Land?"

Hmm. Food for thought.

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  1. I like the ending, and share your viewpoints. I think alot of people do assume that their 'friends' in facebook land care. I have learnt that the number of 'friends' on the list is more of a sort illusionary badge, in that it looks like you have alot of friends, but it's random people. I think maybe I could go so far as to say statistically we probably only have a smallish circle of friends we interact with on a regluar basis, and everyone else is outside that circle and they aren't as involved emotionally.

    Mind I did one day decide to write on my FB status I was having a bad day. (which I never do) and I think I was tired of everyone thinking I was pooping out rainbows because I wanted them to know I get bad days too. lol