Sunday, 6 November 2011

I found a metaphor in my fridge today

I'm eating my friend's cookie right now. She didn't know it was her cookie though, so it's ok, right?

You know how it goes- you have a friend over for dinner and fully plan to offer her a cookie that will possibly change her life with it's salty/sweet/chocolately/peanut-y goodness, but then you forget- mainly because you're too busy staring at her beautiful 2 month old daughter.

So I'm eating it along with the cookie I was planning on offering myself.

What can I say? Eating cookies- it's just part of my life.    This is me.

Now onto a completely unrelated thought.

I found a metaphor in my fridge today. It was in the form of a wedge of very expensive cheese. Stilton cheese. I was introduced to this wonder by my mother-in-law (Hey, that's still pretty fun to say!) a couple months ago, and not long after that Chris and I were having a few friends over for dinner- an occasion I happily used to justify spending $8 on a tiny wedge of deliciousness.

We only ate about half of the tiny wedge (so much other good food!) and into the fridge it went. And in the fridge it stayed. It's still there.       It's not looking good.

The cheese was so good that I thought it deserved a special occasion to eat it, and when one didn't come along fast enough, it spoiled. I saw it each day- every time I opened the fridge, and each day I made the choice that I didn't deserve it. Sure, that might not have been a conscious thought, but it's what was said in my actions.

How often do we reject blessings in our lives because we think it's too good for us? How often do we think that we aren't good enough for the good things in our life? Again- perhaps we wouldn't consciously think to ourselves "I'm not good enough for this" or "I don't deserve this" but what do our actions say? Are you allowing yourself to fully enjoy your life, or are you expecting it to look different. Feel different. Are you held back by your fears that it won't be as good as you want it to be? That you won't be as good as you want to be?

If there is something tasty in your fridge I want you to go eat it. Right now. Don't worry- I'll be here when you get back. (Well, I mean, the blog will be here)

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