Friday, 24 February 2012

26 in 26... Checking In!

For those of you who may remember, on my birthday (In October) last year I made a list on 26 things I want to do in my 26th year of life. Time to check in and see how I'm doing!

1. Make Foccacia bread ... ok. Not yet, but I definitely have a recipe that I'm super excited to try!

2. Go Snowshoeing with my love (There's a story here...) ... problem! We've had practically no snow this year! There is still time, and lately more snow, so I'm not giving up.

3. Make homemade salsa (The homemade is kinda implied, huh?) ... totally dropped the ball on last years tomato crop (we ate a TON of fresh brushetta though) This year. Fo sho

4. Grow my own herbs ... I did! I did! just... not sucessfully. Not sure what happened. My little basil sprouts were a sproutin'... and then they died. Will try this in a pot outside this summer.

5. Draw. Anything. (Something I used to really enjoy and constantly swear I'll start up again) ...Not yet. I feel much more inspired since my husband painted me a picture for V-Day though. <3

6. Create a Numbers spreadsheet for our budget (Get out of the paper & pen dark ages) ...Nope. Still pen and papering it.

7. Go skating at the rink near our house ... Problem with that is we don't have skates. I know, I know, you can rent them. Will do. Yup

8. Get new tattoo ... I have a design in mind, it's just freaking me out. A LOT. It's big. Like, back peice big. We'll see if I can muster up the courage before my next birthday.

9. Perfect my lasagna (Always too dry or too soupy!) ... Yikes. I haven't even made lasagna since my birthday. That was 4 months ago! I know what's going on the meal plan next week...

10. Paint our entire home (ALL rooms!) ... Living Room? Check! Kitchen? Check! Hallway? Check! Only 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms to go!

11. Make Turducken. You heard me. ... Possibly for Easter dinner. Don't freak out.

12. Jump off 30 ft diving board at Kinsmen Swimming Pool ... Did I really say that?

13. Make homemade granola bars (stop buying granola bars) ... YAY!!! This has been my hugest sucess for sure! I will never again buy granola bars, because I have perfected my very own bars which we both love. Saving money aaaand putting less unprounouncable ingredients in our bodies. Whoop!

14. Make a Gardening log book (re: get better at gardening) ... First step - received a gardening book from my awesome mother-in-law for my birthday! Next step... start writing in it...

15. Make a photo book with all our wedding pictures ... Riiiight... so it turns out I let that Groupon expire. May or may not still do.

16. Make beef jerky ... Oh right! I forgot!!

17. Make an entire turkey dinner ... Like a fool I told my Mom I would host Easter Dinner. Stay tuned

18. Make the outline for my book. (Yes, I want to write a book. That's a whole other blog post) ... Working on it. Well, more like working on convincing myself to start

19. Begin getting up earlier (Currently: 7:45. Goal: 7:00) ... YES!!! Oh wait. Did I say 7? So far I've made it to 7:15. Dang... still working on it.

20. Go to a driving range and a hit a golf ball (for the first time) ... Obviously this will need to wait another few months. Yes I said months. Let's be realistic here folks.

21. Donate blood again (re: stop getting tattoos every 6 months) ... Still need to wait until April, but then I am all over this!

22. Go on an actual picnic in a park ... How could we not now that we have such an awesome vintage picnic basket??

23. Go horseback riding (It's been SO long!) ... Hmmm... yes. When it warms up maybe.

24. Make a piece of pottery  Rent a tandem bike with my hubby! (I originally thought this wasn't possible, but turns out it is! We'll just have to go to Calgary for it!) .... Or Vancouver! (Summer vacay?)

25. Knit a scarf (or something equally easy) Done!!!

26. Make goat cheese from scratch Done!!! See how awesome that went here

Ok! So it looks like I still have some work to do. Do any of you have goals that you've made for yourself? How are you doing with them?

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