Monday, 6 February 2012

The fat and skinny on yoga pants.

Before I was married, I did not own yoga pants. Some are quite pricy, don't you think? My lounge wear was pajama pants, and let me tell you that is certainly not appropriate work attire. Chris used to beg me to buy a pair of Lu Lu's. Something about my rear...? I used to joke that instead of lingerie, for my bridal shower I should ask for Lu Lu Lemon pants because that is apparently what seems to appeal to him. (Funny story, my sister is hilarious and actually bought me Lu Lu's for my shower! Ha!)

Ok, I know. We're getting into TMI zone here. Don't worry, this story is going to a place far far away from where you mind currently is.

SO. Then we get married. And yoga pants become part of my regular wear... I even start to wear them to work once or twice a week. (Yes... I'm one of those women) I mean, if I'm allowed to wear jeans, why not yoga pants that look like dress pants?

And then something happened.

My other pants had an accident of the laundry persuasion. At least that's what I am assuming, because they suddenly started to fit differently. Tighter. So I did what any normal person in my position would do. I started to wear my yoga pants more often. I mean... they're kind of the only thing that fits, so it makes sense, right?

Problem City. That's where I was living.

So to make a long story short (Or a fat story, skinny?) It took a few months, and a few empty promises to myself to stop wearing these evil pants, but I finally lost a few pounds. Oh wait- are you not caught up? The truth is that my pants didn't actually shrink... I grew. In the waistline. You get?

So it's time to say goodbye to yoga pants. I'm sorry guys, I just can't handle you. Let's just let lounge wear be lounge wear ok? Husband, I promise I'll get another pair that I can't wear to work. You know, the ones with bright colors at the top or something.

Sidenote- I am now completely addicted to Pinterest. It's slightly embarrassing, but I figured since I told the yoga pants story, I might as well air it all out while I have the chance.

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