Thursday, 19 September 2013

12 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 12 weeks, 3 days

How Far Along? 12 Weeks, 6 days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Hummus (so sad!) Caesar Salad, Almond Milk, and then a multitude of other things based on the time, place and smell of things

Food Cravings? Anything and everything Mexican. Mucho Burrito, Nachos, anything with jalapenos, guacamole, pico de gallo... The spicier the better!

Mood? Pretty good! I feel like I have more good days than bad when it comes to morning sickness (aka: all day sickness) and finally feel like our house is back to normal for cleanliness/organization. I even had enough energy to weed the flower beds a few nights ago! (Just too bad the burst of energy came right as the sun was setting so I didn't get it all done)

Symptoms? Still nauseous pretty much everyday, but not nearly as bad, and can usually be fended off by a light snack. My energy is coming back slowly. I no longer crash right after lunch, and the evenings seem better too.

Sleep? This past week has been on and off. I have to get up to pee at least twice, sometimes three times, and getting back to sleep is sometimes difficult, but nothing too bad or worth complaining of!

Movement? Not yet! Sometimes if I sit and analyze every single thing I feel in my abdomen I wonder if I feel something... but I'm pretty sure it's just gas bubbles.

Best moment of the week? We got to hear the heart beat for the very first time a few days ago!!  Babe was being very difficult, and it took our midwife Tara a few minutes to catch up to it. Seriously, where on earth do they have room to hide in there?? Came in at a strong 146 BPM. So in love! Also, we bought our car seat/stroller combo this week, and for Chris it made things that much more real. He kept saying to me "Babe. We just bought a stroller. FOR OUR BABY" We may or may not put it together in the near future just for funzies!

Looking forward to? Truthfully? For getting the nursery cleared out of all non-nursery junk. That room has been a catch-all for WAY too long, and it has accumulated much too much junk. Not sure where it's all going to go at this point, but I just can't wait until I can walk past the room without shuddering.

Belly Button in or out? Ha. In, obviously.

Stretch marks? Nope. Haven't even started with any cocoa butter or anything. When should I start that?? Also, I read that you can use just coconut oil? Does anyone have experience with that working well?

Nursery Progress? See "Looking forward to" above. Currently any progress on the actual nursery is pretty much at a stand still. SO many ideas though. It's pretty much all planned out on my secret baby board on Pinterest ;) 

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: The evening that we went to our Midwife appointment we decided that we would celebrate with dinner at Da-de-O's. If you haven't been, you MUST go! Yummy cajun style food and the best sweet potato fries in town, hands down. Chris always raves about the fried oyster Po'Boy Sandwich, and seeing as I was feeling incredibly indecisive (as I often do when I am super hungry) I decided to also get it. BIG mistake. One bite and I gagged so hard I almost spit it out. There was absolutely no way I could eat it and I was starved. My only choice was to fess up to the waitress. I went up to the counter where three waitresses were standing and chatting, and I confessed: I shouldn't have ordered something I had never tried, and I'm pregnant, and there is NO way I can eat it. They all burst out laughing and had the kitchen quickly make me a different sandwich (Philly Cheese steak Po'Boy- one of my fav's!) they also quickly whisked away the offensive sandwich off my plate and left my sweet potato fries which I was barely done eating by the time my sandwich came. To top off the great service on their part, the bill came with only Chris' sandwich on it. She got a pretty hefty tip to say the least!

***You'll notice that this is my 12 Week update, but it is the very end of my 12th week. I did that on purpose believe it or not, because really, how can I update you on how the 12th week went until I'm at the end of it? You can watch for my updates each week on either Wednesday or Thursday, as my change-over day is Thursday. :)

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