Wednesday, 12 March 2014

37 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 37 Weeks, 3 Days

How Far Along? 37 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Actually, yes. This past week I've had a couple nights where out of the blue, right before bed I feel nauseated and sick. One night was particularly bad, and I woke up twice (once at 1 am, once at 3 am) both times tasting vomit in my mouth and feeling as though puking was imminent. I suppressed it because I have a ridiculous aversion to throwing up (going on 14 years puke free!), but it also brought along terrible heartburn (only the second time I've experienced it) All in all it was a really horrible night of very little sleep. A couple nights later I experienced a very mild version of the very same thing. I'm praying this isn't a new trend.

Food Cravings? Nothing specific that I can think of. Feeling very wary of foods ever since the couple of nights of sickness. Once was after we indulged in too much junk food, and the other time was after eating pizza for lunch.

Mood? So much better than last week! I'm not feeling nearly as backed into a corner about leaving work ASAP as I was the past couple of weeks (At first it seemed so out of my control for medical reasons) I have decided that my last day is... well... today actually. I'll be totally honest with you guys though- I'm typing this up Tuesday evening, and while I have been feeling emotional and sad about leaving, it's nothing in comparison to how I'll be feeling tomorrow. I had no idea it would be so hard, but it really is. I LOVE my job and my coworkers. To think that I am leaving and not coming back is just plain hard. There will be tears tomorrow (ahem, today. Wednesday. You get it, right?)

Symptoms? Two nights of sickness and heartburn as discussed above. So gross. Pelvic pain still the same- maybe a tad bit better than last week. My back is getting a bit achey as well, but not unmanageable. I'm starting to feel a little weary, and am feeling like leaving work this week is for sure the right choice!

Sleep? Again, the two nights of horrible sleep were... horrible. Aside from those two nights though, sleep has been about the same. I wake up more frequently than I did even a month ago, and I think it takes me a few minutes longer to get back to sleep, but all in all I am still feeling rested in the mornings.

Movement? Just as much as always. Sometimes I wonder if there is a time when baby is not moving. I was reflecting on the earlier weeks of feeling baby move when Chris could feel baby from the outside for the first few times. I remember how patient he would have to be to keep his hand there to feel anything.... now it seems nearly impossible to touch my belly and not feel something, whether it be a kick or a limb dragging across or just a foot or pointy elbow sticking out.

Best moment of the week? My last appointment with Tara was really exciting for me because we talked about labour signs, what to expect in labour etc. and she sent me home with a bunch of things to read on the subject.  It made it feel a lot more real... and close!

Looking forward to? Having this baby!! Obviously it's a bit split between the weary moments of "Ow. I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore please." and the excitement of "I want to meet this little one and finally find out if it's a boy or girl!" On that note- I could not be happier with the decision to not find out. I totally understand why a lot of people choose to find out the sex beforehand, and there have been times that I have wished we found out, but now that we're in the home stretch it's just so exciting to still not know! I'm loving the anticipation.

Belly Button in or out? Still in and quite flat- even more so than last week.

Stretch marks? Still none on my belly (just the couple on my love handles!) Keeping a close eye on the under belly...

Nursery Progress? I know I said I would possibly post pictures of the nursery this week, but time got away on me. Also, it looks like the crib sheets should be arriving in the next few days, so now I'd much rather wait until it's really done to post pics!

Baby Loot: A friend gave me a box of baby things a couple months ago that got shoved in a closet when we started painting the room. Then, for the longest time it was up high in the closet and every time I thought of it Chris wasn't around. I finally had him pull it down this week and low and behold there are a ton of gender neutral newborn/0-3 clothes in it! (So hard to find/buy!!) While it technically isn't "new" this week, it was a total score and very exciting for me.

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: One thing you should know about me is that I am a complete hypochondriac. It's slightly pathetic how easy it is to convince my brain of something, which then convinces my body to have physiological responses. (Bonus with this fact is that it also works with the placebo affect. I can get rid of hiccups in no time simply because I'm convinced my method works every time!) So anyways, Monday evening after talking about early labour signs with Tara.... I think you know where this is going. I was just convinced enough to actually start feeling some signs. Thankfully I am fully aware of this silly part of myself so Chris and I were able to turn it into a big joke, and talked all night about how I was "in labour" and "having the baby" He told me only to wake him up if I started having contractions 5 minutes apart. Needless to say, there were no contractions. I was not in labour. It did make us giggle quite a bit before bed though!

*Side note- Yes, I know I may have actually been feeling early labour signs or false labour signs. I just know my body really well and highly doubt it! Trust me. I'm a little nuts.

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