Wednesday, 19 March 2014

38 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 38 Weeks, 3 Days

How Far Along? 38 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope, no sickness at all this week!

Food Cravings? One night I had a sweet craving so bad that I had Chris stop on the way home (at 10:30 pm!) for an Oreo McFlurry. Mmmmm ice cream. I figure that I have had so few cravings that it certainly can't hurt to give into a late night one ;)

Mood? Fantastic! I'm loving Maternity Leave so far. It's so lovely to have time to relax, and also clean to my heart's content! I'm pretty sure that I underestimated how real nesting is, and it catches me by surprise as I am relaxing on the couch and feeling the intense urge to get up and scrub down something new, but I'm loving it! I've never smiled so much while cleaning in my life- it's just so satisfying! Don't worry though- I am definitely still taking plenty of time to relax. I've already had a pedicure and a massage in the past week. I am fully enjoying the break before baby (and sleeping in too!)

Symptoms? Nothing new really, and in fact I would say that most of my aches and pains have lessened and even disappeared. (Even the pubic bone pain has decreased substantially!) After the first couple days off I wondered if I left work too soon because I was feeling so great, but then realized that I probably feel so great because I'm no longer working. (Duh) I'm so glad I decided to leave at 38 Weeks instead of 39 like I was originally planning.

Sleep? Aside from how frequently I get up to pee lately, I've been sleeping great. I'm really enjoying not having to jump out of bed to an alarm.

Movement? Just as much as always. I've begun to realize I don't have much time left with babe in my belly, and have really been relishing in each kick. Even though some of them are uncomfortable and can even hurt, I know I'll miss it so much.

Best moment of the week? I think there is a tie.

The first was a beautiful baby blessing that was thrown for me by a dear friend. I told her many months ago about how I would love to have a time of intentional prayer in regards to the baby's arrival, and even more specifically in regards to the labour and delivery. This past Saturday I had approximately 20 women speak blessings over me and the baby, and then lay hands on me and pray for us. It was so special, and far exceeded all my expectations of what I hoped the day would be like. The Holy Spirit was so very present and spoke deeply to my heart through each woman there.

I didn't think anything could possibly top that day, but sometimes it's the simple things... just last night we were going to bed and before we turned out the light Chris had his hand on my belly, feeling the baby move as we were talking. As we both started to drift off Chris went to turn the light off, and would normally turn over, but this time he asked if he could come back to keep his hand on my belly. He said "I never realized how relaxing it is to feel the baby move" and then a few minutes later he fell asleep, hand still on my belly. It's probably just my hormones, but I've teared up a couple times today just thinking about it. I have the sweetest man who is going to be the most wonderful father.

Looking forward to? As usual, meeting this baby! Oh man, are we ever getting excited. I'm even excited to go into labour. (Naive first time mom? Perhaps. Don't you burst my bubble though!!) I'm anticipating when it will happen and where. Will Chris and I be in the same room when I have that first contraction?? Will I know for sure it's a contraction? Will it wake me up in the middle of the night? Will my water break before anything else happens? I'm just so excited!

Belly Button in or out? In and flat.

Stretch marks? I think I have a few now! I say "I think" because they don't look like the stretch marks I have on my hips, and they are nearly impossible to see them because, as I anticipated, they are under my belly and hard to look at even in a mirror!

Nursery Progress? Aside from the mobile which I still have yet to make, it's finished!! Take a look at the post (full of pictures) here!!

Baby Loot: Nothing new that I can think of.

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: A couple days ago I woke up and thought perhaps the day had finally arrived. Perhaps I would have the baby that day. So, in true Melissa fashion I made a list of all the things I'd like to get accomplished before going into active labour. When Chris came home for lunch he got quite a kick out of said list. I'm not sure if "vacuum", "clean the bath tub" or "make 2 batches of granola bars" was funnier to him, but the funniest part to me was when I went preheat the oven to make granola bars, I accidentally hit the "Clean Oven" button and thought "Oh my gosh! I have to clean the oven!!"... which is exactly what I did (and then also cleaned the entire outside of it as well) Oh gosh.

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  1. haha that's funny about your to-do list! hey at least the house is clean! :)