Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Attempting to actually eat the food in our fridge

Another post about food?

Deal with it- it's totally in the description of the blog. This is part of what we're about here, ok?

I love food. I love to talk about food. Sometimes I get made fun of for it, but you know what? That's ok, because my love for food surpasses my love for seeming hip and cool all the time.

I may or may not have talked about this before, but I HATE to throw out food. I can literally hear coins hitting the trash can. Chris will actually tell me to look away when he finds something in the fridge that needs to be tossed. It's that serious. While yes, it is better now that we compost (Thank you St. Albert) and I know the rotten vegetables are not adding to the landfills, but instead being turned into wonderful dirt for me to use in my garden... I still despise it.

One thing that has completely transformed the way we eat is meal planning. I cannot say enough good thngs about it. Sometimes I feel like I have this amazing secret to both budgeting and eating well and no one seems to care. That's beside the point. It saves us money, and more importantly it saves us the frustration of "What are we going to make for dinner tonight???" Lately it has also caused us to be really intentional about what we are eating each week. We meal plan 2 weeks at a time and are now trying to make at least one of those meals fish, one using ground turkey, one vegetarian and at least a couple of them to be brand new recipes.

So here's the thing about meal planning. We buy exactly what we need for each meal, with little to no "extras" Which is great.... and not so great. It makes you pause before you touch almost anything because you're thinking "What was this tomato for?" or "Oh shoot, we need this avacado for Tuesday night"

Side note: We totally DO need an avacado tonight because we're making Lentil Tacos! First time trying out the recipe, so I'm sure I'll post about it later ;)

So the problem with all this is that sometime we don't use the tomato because we switched that meal for something else, or we only use half the avacado.... and then because the mentality of not eating things because they are "meant for something" causes us not to eat them at all.

And then I have to leave the room while Chris tosses things in the organics bin. Again.

So new rule in an attempt to actually eat the food in our fridge. We're just going to eat it. (Simple, right?)Nothing is off limits. If that means a trip to the grocery store on the way home from work to grab an avacado, then so be it, because I would much rather spending an extra few minutes and a couple bucks to actually eat food, and stop throwing it away.

I'll let you know how this goes.

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