Wednesday, 1 January 2014

27 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 27 Weeks, 4 Days

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

How Far Along? 27 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope :)

Food Cravings? Not really.

Mood? So-so. The cold I was so sure that I had beat came back with a vengeance. It hit hard and fast a couple days after Christmas, and boy was it nasty. There were a couple days that I literally didn't move off the couch, and felt so miserable all I could do was moan and groan about my sinus pain. First my cough got way worse, and then it felt like my head had been blown up like a balloon, and even with using my neti pot every hour or so I just couldn't get away from the pain. It was so horrible. Even more horrible - I passed it on to Chris a few days in. He almost NEVER gets sick, so it was a hard blow for us both to be down for the count. I feel like I'm on the mend today, and Chris has definitely turned a corner. On our way back to health yet again!

Symptoms? Aside from all the sinus cold symptoms? Not much. Still feeling pain in my pelvis, but now that I know it's probably here to stay I've been learning how to move around in ways that put the least amount of strain on it.

Sleep? Well aside from waking up coughing a couple of nights, I guess it's been good!

Movement? So much movement these days! I feel like baby is just moovin and groovin all the time. Especially first thing in the morning - seems like as soon as I wake up and roll onto my back the babe likes to jump around to say good morning. It's a pretty lovely way to start my day :)

Best moment of the week? New Years Eve for sure. We were both feeling yucky still and decided to stay home. It felt a little weird to not have plans or to not be out with friends or family, but all the uncertainty I had (Will this be super lame? Will we wish we were out in a couple hours?) melted away when we stood in our dark kitchen watching the fireworks out the frosted window. It was so quiet and special and just for the three of us. Chris behind me, arms wrapped around me with his hands on my belly. My heart completely melted- especially when we realized that 2014 will be a year we will always remember- our first child's birth year.

Looking forward to? Both of us completely getting over this stupid cold. No more coughing. No more stuffy noses and sinus pain. Soon please.

Belly Button in or out? In! Not much has changed on that front for a little while. (Get it? Because it's in front of me? Ha!)

Stretch marks? Still zero :)

Nursery Progress? Riiiiiiight. Remember all those plans I had? They were kind of derailed by the sick train I was hit with. Pretty sure God had something to teach me in all that. Still working that one out with Him. Long story short- very very little was done. We discovered that the dresser we were planning on using just won't work. It seems it's in worse shape that we realized from being in the garage for so many years, and would need more of a restoration than just a coat of paint. Dang. Part of me is heartbroken because my heart was set on it, and the other part is relieved that we don't have to put so much work into a dresser and can just buy something new. We already have it picked out- just need to get to IKEA to pick it up. The room did not get painted (or even prepped for painting) Pretty much all we did was put together the bassinet and the stroller. Seeing as we've cut our work load in half by buying a new dresser, I'm not feeling too stressed about it all. Chris still has nearly two weeks off so he has plenty of time to paint.

Baby Loot: Nothing new, but I've refined my lists to exactly what needs to be bought and at what stores. It's just a matter of making the online orders and getting to Wal-Mart and IKEA.

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: I don't know if it was because I felt so pitiful form being sick, or because I was wearing a tighter pair of maternity jeans, but just the other day I sat there for a full two minutes staring at my feet with socks in hand before finally asking Chris to put them on for me. Ay carumba. I have 12 weeks of getting bigger left. How on earth do women put in socks in the end???

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