Thursday, 23 January 2014

30 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 30 Weeks, 3 Days

How Far Along? 30 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? I had one rare occurrence of feeling queasy this weekend, but other than that, I've been good in that respect for over a week!

Food Cravings? None that I can think of. I'm back to enjoying food again... especially those pulled pork nachos we had Friday night. Yummm.

Mood? For the most part, my mood has been great. The progress in the nursery has certainly been a factor! Still a few weepy moments, but I'm just expecting those won't be going away completely...

Symptoms? Still lots of Braxton Hicks (Which I am still fascinated by) Still mild to moderate pelvic pain. I've been a lot more diligent with taking my Lecithin and that really helps keep it in the "mild" category. The rib pain is just killing me. By the end of the day I just. need. to. lie. down. Ugh. It hurts so bad. As long as I'm relaxing on the couch - either laying down or at least reclining in some way I'm totally fine. Sitting at my desk at work is killing me though. Only 8 more weeks of work. I can do this. (I hope) Today was the first day that I went from joking about going to lay down on the couches downstairs.... to actually laying on the couches downstairs. Those 3 minutes made the rest of the afternoon possible!

Sleep? Better than last week. Baby just doesn't stop moving these days. I'm woken up a few times a night by a party in my belly, but it doesn't keep me awake for too long.

Movement? So so much. Baby is definitely running out of room in there because I'm feeling a lot more rolling around and readjusting. Also the kicks are way stronger than before- just the other night Chris had his hand on my belly in bed and was shocked at how much he could feel- and how close to the surface baby felt. Another new development - hiccups! I felt them for the first time less than a week ago and now feel them daily. Such a funny thing.

Best moment of the week? Walking past the nursery for the first time since it actually looked like a nursery. I can't even believe how much more real it makes this feel. This isn't just a pregnancy guys... there is actually going to be a baby at the end of this. And now it has somewhere to sleep.

Looking forward to? My massage tonight. Man oh man am I EVER looking forward to it...

Belly Button in or out? In

Stretch marks? Nope

Nursery Progress? Finally I feel like I have a lot to say in this category! This past weekend we put together the dresser (which by the way, took more than three hours. Crazy!) and the crib (which alternatively took less than half an hour) and a side table. Those three items and a rocking chair are pretty much all that is in there right now, and it looks like a real nursery! I can't stop looking at it. Oh, and the paint. I could not love the paint more if I tried. I promise I'll put up a ton of pics once it's all done- now that it feels so close to being done I just want there to be a big reveal!

Baby Loot: I finally ordered the things I've had favorited on Etsy for ages. Crib sheets, change pad cover and a boppy (breastfeeding pillow) cover. I also ordered the last of the cloth diapers that I needed to complete my stash as well as some doublers (to double up on absorbancy during the nights.) Now I can't wait for the mail to come in!!

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: Oh goodness. The only one I can think of is the moment when Chris said "This better not make it up on your blog as our funniest moment this week" Ha ha! Seeing as he has strictly forbidden me from sharing, I'll just say that near the end of the third hour of putting together the dresser we were getting pretty darn giggly due to some silly (and hilarious!) mistakes! Shucks I love my husband. He's just so fun to be around!

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