Wednesday, 12 February 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 33 Weeks, 3 Days

How Far Along? 33 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope, feeling good!

Food Cravings? None, but still loving Mexican as always. One thing I realized recently is that a couple common pre-pregnancy cravings of mine- salt and vinegar chips and pickles. (Together or separate) hasn't appealed to me at all during pregnancy. I'm not saying I'm turning my nose up at a bowl of salt and vinegar chips (I mean, I'm not crazy) but I used to really crave them, and a giant sour pickle was a common evening snack. Now, not so much. Just interesting to note.

Mood? Well, I've been working through some fears about having the baby- you can read about that here. Other than that I think I've been pretty good. Still loving feeling the baby move, and looking forward to his or her arrival!

Symptoms? Still have the pubic bone pain- mainly at night when I am laying down and trying to move (turn over in bed etc) but there have also been a day or two where it hurts all day long as I move around. My rib pain is almost completely non existent thanks to my fantastic Chiropractor, although it was replaced with some back pain. Yeesh, just one thing after another- this guy must think my body is a wreck! Aside from those aches and pains, and just feeling bigger everyday... that's about it! I feel great otherwise :) Oh, and I'm still having consistent Braxton Hicks each day- at least a dozen or so that I notice (probably more) Just a note for those of you that have commented that this means I will probably go into labour early *cough Tiffany* My midwife has confirmed what I already suspected- they are completely normal and in no way point to an early labour. So there.

Sleep? I almost feel guilty saying this each week, because I know it's so common in pregnancy to have a horrible time sleeping, but I'm still sleeping really well! No complaints here at all.

Movement? So much, all the time! I realize that a couple months ago I was fascinated by when I could feel the baby pushing out of my stomach so forcefully that I could really feel a pronounced body part from the outside. Now... that's pretty much 24/7. I have lots of fun trying to figure out if it's a bum, a foot, an elbow, or who knows what else!

Oh! And speaking of movement!! It has been confirmed by Tara that baby did in fact twist to the anterior position. Three cheers for Dr. Holzer and the Webster Technique!!

Best moment of the week? Writing my last blog post (So cathartic!) and receiving so many beautiful responses in comments and private messages. I am surrounded by thoughtful caring women, and feel so very blessed!

Looking forward to? Being able to walk quickly and less penguin-like.

Belly Button in or out? In

Stretch marks? Yes and no. Let me explain. This past week I noticed either stretch marks or spider veins of some kind on my inner thighs. I don't think they are varicose veins because they don't protrude, but I'm still unsure of if they are stretch marks or not. Truthfully they are kind of hard for me to see, so I've only glanced at them! I definitely have a couple tiny stretch marks each on both hips (read: love handles) but still none on my belly. I thought I saw one a few days ago near my belly button but it disappeared by bedtime. No clue what that was all about!

Nursery Progress? Still plugging away at a few small projects. The reality is that there is very little that still needs to be done, but each small task takes up an entire line on my list, you know what I'm saying? It's keeping me busy and I definitely feel like time is moving quickly, so I guess it's not such a bad thing!
Baby Loot: We went to IKEA this past weekend and got a few final things: A lamp, a new light fixture for the ceiling, and a window shade to go behind the curtains and block out light. We also stopped by Babies R Us and got a changing pad to go on top the dresser.

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: As with most of these funny moments, this weeks started out in tears. I noticed a small tear in my favourite pair of maternity leggings, (which, by the ay, you can't buy in Canada!) and pretty much lost my mind. Looking back it's quite funny because I can remember how I felt, but obviously no longer do. I can only describe it as a deep despair. It was just the worst thing that had ever happened to me. Between texting my Mom to ask her if she could pretty please repair them (and having her laugh at me for being so sad), and Chris dragging me out for ice cream, I got over it and quickly saw how silly I was acting in the first place! You know what? Let's add "Not crying over silly things" to the list of "Looking Forward To"
Twist cone for the win!
Oh, and a shout out to my amazing Mommy- the time span between tearful text to me having my repaired leggings back in my hands was less that 48 hours. She's pretty much the best.

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