Wednesday, 26 February 2014

35 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 35 Weeks, 3 Days

How Far Along? 35 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? No queasy sickness for a while now. Very thankful.

Food Cravings? None that I can think of.

Mood? Well that depends. A couple days ago? I feel great. Happy, ready to meet baby. Today, slightly freaked out about a complication I'm having. (I'll explain more below in the Symptoms category)

Symptoms? Pubic bone pain as usual. There was one night this week where I had excruciating heartburn for what seemed to be all night long (beginning at 2 am) It was horrible. Props to you mama's that have dealt with this your whole pregnancy. I am hoping it was just a one time deal (hasn't happened since) but even if I do have it for the rest of pregnancy, I feel quite blessed to only have 5ish weeks rather than 20+ weeks of it! Another new symptom is a weird nerve pain in the sides of my lower back. Brand new (unwelcome) sensation.

I'm not sure how much detail I want to go into for the symptom that sparked the discovery (slightly TMI) but the long and short of it is that I noticed something on Monday night that was cause for concern- enough so that I called my Midwife at 9 pm. (Side note- how great is it that I can just call her at 9 pm??) To make a long story short, my uterus has prolapsed, which basically means that my pelvic floor muscles are doing a crappy job of holding my uterus up where it should be. A lot of people have asked if that is why my pubic bone hurts so much, but in fact it's the other way around- it's a lot more likely that because of my pubic bone pain, I have been avoiding using my pelvis to such an extent that the muscles have weakened drastically. There isn't much that can be done until after baby is out- this will definitely affect my recovery more than it affects my pregnancy. It does mean that baby will likely make an appearance sooner rather than later. It's impossible to speculate on that though- could be a week, could be 4. I will say though that at my appt yesterday (I was 35+5) I was 1-2 cm dilated already which is just a tiny bit more than I should be before 36 weeks.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated in this friends! I need to be 37 Weeks to deliver at the Birth Centre, so that would be the first goal, but secondly I really want baby to stay in there as long as he or she needs to, to get everything my body has to offer! Also just prayers for peace for Chris and I as we once again are confronted with the fact that we are not in control of this at all, but the One who is can be trusted.

Sleep? Aside from the heartburn night, not too much to complain about. I think I am waking more often than I used to, and turning over is certainly is more difficult (probably the worst part of the pubic bone pain!) but I still feel like I am sleeping fairly well. Aside from the odd "bad night" here and there I wake up feeling rested each day.

Movement? Just as much as ever! The movement gets stronger each week. I know I keep saying that baby is running out of room, but it really feels that way every week.

Best moment of the week? Hanging the final pictures in the nursery. It's so close to done, I can practically taste it! Also, I've enjoyed going in there a few times this week just to sit in the rocking chair and pray for the baby. It's such a peaceful feeling, and I'm so thankful the Lord keeps drawing me in there. In fact I had a good long cry in there last night, and it was just what I needed!

Looking forward to? Meeting this little one! We are getting so excited to finally find out if we're having a girl or a boy! (So far the jury is still split on this one - You all seem to be as unsure as we are!) Also, it will be nice to be able to get off the couch without someone's (Chris') help. It's kind of a funny feeling to be excited for something, but still want it to take a little longer...

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but substantially flatter / more shallow. SO funny to see because it hasn't changed in so long.

Stretch marks? Still none on my belly, but if it's going to happen it will be in these last weeks. I'm sure I'll get a few by the end, and I'm not too worried about it.

Nursery Progress? We are SO close to being finished. The curtains are up, as are the pictures on the walls. All I need to do is touch up some paint and make the mobile! Oh, and wait for the crib sheets to come in the mail. They were supposed to be shipped yesterday though, so hopefully it will be very soon!!

Baby Loot: No new baby loot this week. We have almost everything we need!!

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: Well, I think I've experienced my first mommy fail... We bought a waterproof crib mattress cover the other day. When I went to wash it I didn't give a second thought to throwing it in the dryer... which promptly melted the plastic. Whoops!!

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