Thursday, 2 October 2014

Motherhood Surprises

It happened a few weeks ago, and I'm not even sure how. It was a typical evening. We had dinner, cleaned up, then went into the living room to relax. I was playing with Elliott while Chris decompressed a little on the laptop. He decided to go take a shower before one of our favourite shows came on (We have always both been night showerers) I happened to get up and go to the kitchen right as he was walking from the bedroom to the shower, and that's when it happened...

"Naked, naked!!" I said in a sing song baby voice.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Did that just happen?? What is wrong with me? This is my husband, not a cute little baby tush.

Sigh.... motherhood and the ways it changes you.

I expected to be pooped on, but didn't expect to look at it and think "You can't really tell it's poop" and go about my day without changing. And on the topic of personal hygiene (I swear, I'm not that gross everyday!) I had no idea how important showering would be for my emotional health - oh, those precious minutes where I can't hear anything but the water. My shower time has possibly doubled.

Don't worry guys, remember I said I'm a night showerer? Chris is totally hanging out with Elliott.

Speaking of Chris hanging out with him- I knew it would be important to get a little time away for myself, but I have never in my life been more excited to realize that we're missing an ingredient for dinner and I need to make a 10 minute run to the grocery store *by myself* Aaahh... to be alone.

Can we talk about jeans just a little? Apparently getting back to pre-baby weight doesn't necessarily mean your jeans will fit. How's that for a fun surprise. Thankfully leggings are all the craze these days.

What about you? Any new Mommy tales that will make me feel a little less crazy?

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