Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ryan Adams Is Good

Chris and I went to see Ryan Adams live last week, and I just couldn't help myself from feeling nostalgic. Ryan Adams had a pretty integral role in our first days of flirting. Story time? I think so.

After our first couple of times hanging out at the pub, I was desperate to come up with an excuse to see Chris again. Make no mistake- I pursued him, not the other way around. We started chatting on Facebook and I told him I was planning on having people over at my house that coming Friday. He told me he was busy Friday, and being the smooth talker I was, I quickly followed up with "Oh did I say Friday? I definitely meant Saturday."

So Saturday rolls around and the evening seems to be going well. Of course I invited a couple spies (remember this Tiffany??) to scope him out. My friend Shannon and I had this habit of texting each other from across the room (sometimes from across a table at the pub) because we were cool like that and we were pretty sure no one noticed. She texts me "I don't think Chris listens to this type of music." I read the text with Atreyu, Chevelle, Slayer and Ensiferum blasting behind me. "Well, if he doesn't listen to metal, what the heck does he listen to??" I ask, exsaperated. "Umm... folk music I think?"

I just about walked away right there.

Folk music? FOLK music? Like a hippy with no shoes and a braided crown on her head singing off tune while walking in a field of wheat? I was not a fan.

So the night goes on, and despite the fact that Chris' ride fell asleep on my couch, we talked well into the wee hours of the night. The next day I ask him in a Facebook message if he had a good time (he did) and then mention that Shannon thought maybe he didn't like the music (he didn't) Dang. Well I mean, I don't only listen to viking metal... I listen to country too. (yes I was serious)

Looks like I picked his two least favourite genres.

"Well," he says "I like Ryan Adams" Of course I had never heard of him. "He's kind of country. I'll make you a cd" he says.

And so wouldn't you know it, he shows up to wings on Wednesday where all of his long time friends who, over the past 6 months have become all of my new friends. (I'll give you one guess of how Chris and I met) are gathered as we do every.single.wednesday. They're all "Whoa!! Chris you haven't shown up to wings in forever! Him and I know why he's there, and I blush.  He presents me with the very first of many burned cd's.

"Ryan Adams is good!" scrawled in sharpie.

I listened to it approximately 147 times in the next month. After our first (non)date, and then after our first real date.... After our second date where we went bungee jumping.... After our first kiss and after the bonfire where I realized I was falling in love with him.

Ryan Adams really is good. He's still not country (sorry babe) but yes, he is good. And for those who are wondering, I've really come around to folk music (it's not nearly as bad as I thought) and I still listen to metal turned all the way up when I'm all alone in my minivan. Yep. I'm that Mom.

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  1. That's a cute story! Reminds me of me and Rob, when we were dating, and how we would share our love of Dave Matthews. In fact he bought me about 3 Dave CDs and made me a couple of mixes for my birthday once. It was before we dated, but that's when I started to suspect his feelings ;) .
    I love Ryan Adams too (and folk music; it's the best!).