Saturday, 22 December 2012

Paradise and Pancakes

Sorry it's been a little while since my last post, but Chris and I were taking some much deserved relaxing time in sunny Cancun!

One week filled with sun, sand and ocean was exactly what we needed. I saved up all my holidays from this year so I could spend 3 weeks with my Hunny, so now even though we're home I still don't have to go back to work until January 2nd. Aaaahh... life is good. Staying up late, sleeping in and making delicious food together.... which brings me to the point of this post.

Christmas always makes me feel quite nostalgic and happy. I think of family traditions from the past and look forward to starting new traditions in the years to come. Traditions for me often revolve around food.... but let's be honest, none of you are too surprised about that.

While this particular recipe really has nothing to do with Christmas traditions, it does hold many sweet happy memories. I can recall countless Saturday mornings when my sisters and I would beg my Mom to make what we call Egg Pancakes. Egg pancakes are similar to crepes, but are much more egg-y as the name implies. 

The batter is very thin, maybe even more so than a crepe recipe. It only takes a few seconds on medium high heat for it to be ready to flip

And then even fewer seconds on the other side. I keep them warm on a pan in the oven. 

Now here's where they get delicious.... Smear some jam on the pancake, and roll it up! Homemade Raspberry jam is obviously the best choice, but any kind will do!

And Ta da! Cut it in half (Or don't if you're like my husband) And eat 'em up! Delicious!!

Now the recipe that my Mom used is what I'll give you, but I'll also include some alterations that a person such as myself might choose to make. It is a topic for debate though. My sister Nicole seems to think I'm trying to give my husband a heart attack because I cook with butter. I tend to disagree. Mmmmm butter....

Egg Pancakes (makes 10-12)

4 eggs 
1 cup milk (Skim is fine)
1 cup flour
5 tbsp water (I omit)
1/4 tsp salt
*1/4 cup butter.... See my recipe chooses butter over water to thin them out, and the added bonus of butter is that you don't need any oil in the pan to fry them. Without the butter you need quite a bit. My argument is that a person would probably end up using close to 1/4 cup of oil by the time you've fried them all anyways. Not everyone feels this way. Maybe the third Sister could weigh in on this one.... Gloria? ;)

Mix up the batter and pour nearly a full ladle full in a medium hot pan. Wait until the surface looses it's shine (10-20 seconds) then flip it over just for 5-10 seconds more.

Anyways, give them a try however you choose. They're absolutely scrumptious and jam packed (Ha ha... get it?) with happy childhood memories. 

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