Wednesday, 16 October 2013

16 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 16 Weeks, 4 Days

How Far Along? 16 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not that I can think of! Aaaand I can officially drink coffee again! I've had a few long awaited lattes, and even a couple black coffees, and they taste soo good! I know it's perfectly safe to drink up to 200 mg of caffeine each day, but when it's available I've been drinking decaf. It's just a little weird to me that caffeine is a stimulant, and all that jittery-ness would be passed to the baby as well.

Food Cravings? I had a wicked craving for greek pizza with lots of feta cheese. It tasted sooo good!

Mood? Great! Loving being pregnant these days!

Symptoms? Not much for symptoms these days, other than a growing belly! I feel like I am finally experiencing that 2nd trimester bliss everyone talks about. Just in time too, because I was beginning to think y'all were a bunch of liars. ;) No more nausea, (unless I skip a meal) all my energy is back, and so far I haven't experienced any of the dreaded 2nd tri heartburn or headaches. Thank you Lord! 

Sleep? Still pretty good. Towards the end of this week I have started to feel a little less comfortable on my stomach. I imagine I don't have much longer to enjoy "normal" sleep. 

Movement? YES!!! So so excited that I finally felt the baby move, and am completely confident in it. Near the end of Week 15 I thought maybe I was feeling baby, but wasn't sure. I think it was Friday afternoon (16 Weeks, 1 Day for those who are curious) that I was sure enough to text Chris and tell him I just felt our baby move for sure! Only a few days later I was sitting in a slouched position, and baby was not happy. I felt a little kick to my ribs... every 30 seconds or so for a solid half hour! I tried repositioning and stretching out my abdomen but it seems babe was way tucked in there. I couldn't believe that less than a week prior I was still unsure if I was even feeling baby, and now here I was getting a full on kick that wouldn't stop. Crazy.

Best moment of the week? Well, obviously, feeling baby move for the first time! Best moment of pregnancy so far!

Looking forward to? My next midwife appointment is coming up in less than a week! Can't wait to hear that heartbeat again <3

Belly Button in or out? In 

Stretch marks? No

Nursery Progress? Sadly, nothing new from last week. A lot of the non-baby items will be leaving the room in the next week though, so soon it will be ready to paint!

Baby Loot: Well, it's not baby loot, (more like mama loot)... but I had a friend buy me a pair of maternity jeans and a cute striped top for my birthday, and another friend lend me a ton of maternity clothes. So blessed!

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: Well, I celebrated my 28th birthday this past week, and Chris took me to the Melting Pot (huge treat!) the typical 4 course meal there is a cheese course, a salad, a meat course and a chocolate course. I however, had in my head that there is no reason for a salad when you could have TWO cheese courses... and a meat course and a chocolate course. It was delicious but oh so painful by the end. Of course I'm blaming this all on baby because... well, I can. And because it certainly wasn't Chris' idea- in fact he asked me repeatedly if I was sure that I didn't want the salad. Ha! Nice try hunny!

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