Wednesday, 23 October 2013

17 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 17 Weeks, 3 Days

How Far Along? 17 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? I love that my answer is no. I think I could even try some hummus if I wanted. Feeling great!

Food Cravings? Still all things Mexican and all things spicy. I feel incredibly blessed to not be experiencing heartburn, and plan to take advantage as much as I can for as long as I can! I am also experiencing a lot of extra hunger these days, so often my cravings are just whatever is closest and fastest to get in my belly!

Mood? Great! No complaints these days :) I love the second trimester!

Symptoms? My lower back has been off for a few weeks now. It feels like something in my tailbone area has shifted. I've been seeing a chiropractor, and it seems to be getting better, but after only two adjustments I am feeling a little frustrated that it isn't completely better yet. I know my hips and pelvis are shifting and it's perfectly normal, but I also know that my midwife said there is no reason to just accept being in pain because I am pregnant. Go away back pain!

Sleep? About the same as last week. Still sleeping on my stomach, but feeling like that won't last much longer. Still only getting up once to pee and 5-6 out of 7 days I'm getting back to sleep really easily.

Movement? Lots! Baby seems to stick to very low down on my left side, but I feel him/her a few times each day. It's not constant, but it's very consistent.

Best moment of the week? We had a midwife appointment on Monday and got to hear the heartbeat again. It was so cool- maybe even better than the first time we heard it because like I said above, I have been feeling the baby move in my lower left side quite a bit, and sure enough that's where babe was hanging out when she found the heartbeat! It was such a cool confirmation for me that yes, that definitely is baby I'm feeling! Also, she explained how loud the doppler sounds inside the womb (like a train running through it!) and that some babies will get curious and move towards the noise, but some don't like it and try to move away. (which was the case for little Baby Anthony) It struck me all of a sudden that our baby already has a personality! It's not just a series of synapses firing and reflexes- it moves around when it wants to and moves away from loud noises. Crrraaaazy.

Looking forward to? It feels so far away right now, but our next ultrasound is Nov 4th, and I am very excited! We haven't had one since 8 weeks, and let me tell ya- an 8 week baby isn't much to look at. It was just a tiny little jelly bean! A very cute jelly bean, mind you, but still not much to look at ;)

Belly Button in or out? In 

Stretch marks? No

Nursery Progress? We have a ton of "throw away" stuff still, so hopefully this weekend we can make a dump run.. I have a goal to get the room painted and at least 80% set up before my third trimester hits- I want to take advantage of how great I'm feeling and not make any assumptions of what I will feel like near the end (which, for all I know will be just as fantastic, but I don't want to chance it!) My third trimester hits right around Christmas, and I get a week off work in between Christmas and New Years, so I'm setting our goal for the end of December.

Baby Loot: We went to the Gish Baby Sale this past Saturday and while we didn't get as much as I had hoped, I did get a breastfeeding pillow for $5, a cozy car seat cover for $10 and some new-in-package cotton nursing pads. Worth the trip for sure! Before we went Chris and I sat down and made a list of what we still need before baby arrives. it was surprising to me how small the list is! Feels totally manageable, and much less stressful than wondering how much more we'll need to buy. (I love lists!)

Funniest Pregnant Moment of the Week: Oh man... why did I even put this category in here? This one is slightly embarrassing. See, the other night I had plans to go for nachos with a friend. Anyone that knows me knows that nachos are my favorite food, pregnant or not (so much so that Chris actually put in his wedding vows that he would make me nachos for the rest of my life!) So obviously I was pumped. Also I was going with my original "cho's" (as we call them) partner in crime. I was stoked. Unfortunately her babysitter fell through, so we scrapped the cho's and just hung out at her house with her sweet 2 year old beauty. No biggie, obviously... except that I was still craving nachos by the time I got home from her house and made the mistake of telling Chris... who then suggested Taco Bell as a quick craving solution... at 9 pm. Long story short, craving was NOT met, and my digestive system was caught in the crossfire. I was still paying for it the next morning :( Now I remember why I haven't eaten Taco Bell for a few years...
Before you say a word, Shannon, this was definitely not your fault, but seriously, cho's soon please?

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