Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Quite Frankly, You're Not My Type

Do you have a red beard? Glasses? Dirty blonde hair? Do you like to wear plaid and dark jeans, or anything by Obey, and can only be found in shorts and sandals from April to October? Do you have a bit of a belly- just the right amount that you're soft to lay my head on while we watch TV?

No? Well, quite frankly then, you're not my type.

Here's the thing guys. My husband? He is my standard of handsome. He is exactly what gets my heart racing- him and no one else. The cool thing about all this is that he changes, and my standard of handsome changes right along with him. You may have noticed his beard has grown quite long lately. I love it. As much as I tease him by telling him he's not allowed to, if he were to shave it off, I would love that too.

This pic was taken this past weekend at a friend's house!

Any pounds he gains or loses, that is my new standard of handsome. Any changes to his hair style (and there have been a few!) That is my favorite hair style on him. The clothes he wears? Love 'em. Right down to his puffy shoes. (P.S- Babe! Look- I found a pair on eBay!) You see, "my type" is Mr. Chris Anthony and nobody else.

Why do I bring this up? Well ladies, over the years I have noticed something that surprises me. There seems to be this odd culture with women where it is encouraged to look at other men, to speak about other men, to drool about other men. Men other than our husbands.

Married women everywhere will openly chat about which celebrity they find to be the hottest. They run, not walk to movies like Magic Mike, and all the while I wonder why. Why is it OK for women to objectify men in such a way, when we are disgusted when men do the same to women? How have things become so twisted?  If we saw our man post a naked picture of Christina Aguliara to their Facebook wall we would be upset and likely a little embarrassed (heaven forbid your mother saw him post that!) yet there on your own Facebook wall is a cleverly positioned photo of naked Adam Levigne? Why is it that at a fashion show men have to sit there with their hands in their lap and no reaction on their faces when a scantily clad woman walks by, but as soon as a shirtless man walks the runway, showcasing the stylish pants or underwear he's wearing, all the women jump up and hoot and holler.

OK, maybe you're relationship is different than mine. Maybe you're totally cool with him drooling over other women and talking openly about how perfect they are. Maybe you're one of those "cool wives" that will even point out a beautiful women to your husband in the mall, and make a crude comment about her yourself. If you are, then fine. I will not sit here and tell you that you're wrong. Perhaps you have more confidence in yourself than I do. I have no idea.

But....  if you're like me, and you kind of like the idea that you are your husband's standard of beauty, and you prefer that he have eyes for you and you alone.... then maybe do him the same favor. That's all I'm saying. I love knowing that my husband's eyes don't stray. I love that when a woman takes her top off in a movie, he looks away. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the room every single day.... because to him I am. My body has been changing a LOT with pregnancy (why don't people tell you it's more than just a cute bump in the front??) and while I can't claim I haven't been critical of myself I can say with confidence that I haven't questioned once whether or not I am still attractive to my husband. That is a gift, friends. A gift that comes from knowing I am his standard of beauty no matter how much my body changes.

The least I can do is my best to make sure he feels the same way.

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  1. This is awesome! I am not married (yet!), but this is definitely the kind of marriage I want to have. Thank you for sharing this :)

    1. I thank the Lord everyday for what I have! Thanks for stopping by Rebekkah :)