Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tell Him How Wonderful He Is. Often.

The other night Chris and I had a conversation that led to him pouring out his heart to me about all the things he has been struggling with recently. It was a holy moment, and one that I don't take for granted. It was a moment of pure vulnerability, and so I am sure you are all wondering why on earth I would be sharing it with all of you.

Well, because I think God wants me to.

See, this is not about my husband's struggles, but instead about a choice of how to respond. After he poured it all out, I offered to pray for him. I wish I could tell you about how often I pray for my husband (and I don't mean just pray for him, but pray out loud with him.) but the truth is that it isn't enough. This is an area I am seeking to grow in, as I believe it benefits our marriage in unimaginable ways- both by ministering to our hearts, but also making a real tangible difference in the spiritual world, because friends, we are of one flesh. The unity between man and wife is unlike any other. You better believe our prayers together and for each other make a difference.

I actually love to pray for people. I am a somewhat long winded pray-er because I just want to say it all. I love how God ministers to us through the earnest and sincere prayers of a friend or loved one. The words he places in our mouth are such a testament to his love and unending grace for us in all situations.

And so off I go. I pray the best prayer I can possibly pray. I am interceding on his behalf, and asking the Lord to intervene in different situations and struggles he is having. My prayers aren't always eloquent or poetic, but they are filled with heart. At the very end I close with thanking the Lord for the wonderful gift my husband is to me, and for the privilege of praying for him, because friends, he is a gift.

I think that after I pray for someone I often hope that something that I spoke touched them. Not for my own glory, but just to know that the Lord really did speak through me, is such an encouragement to me. And would you believe, that the first thing Chris thanked me for, were my last words?

He said he really needed to hear me say that I consider him a gift.

Ladies. Don't underestimate the importance of telling your husband how much he means to you. In the middle of a struggle in which all I wanted to do was try to fix it, and/or ask the Lord to fix it (still working on giving that all to Him!) what made a difference for Chris was knowing that I consider him to be a gift to me.

Wives, your opinion matters more than anyone else's in his life. You have the opportunity to build him up, or tear him down, and one might argue that apathy is an even worse approach than the latter.

Tell him how wonderful he is. Often.

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